SPB_SNB_CoverStackWe Wrote the Book on Preventing Physician and Nurse Burnout

Simple, Reliable Tools to:

  • Lower Your Stress Levels
  • Build More Life Balance
  • and a More Ideal Practice

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About the Author

dikebluesmile1Dike Drummond, MD is a Mayo-trained family doctor, executive coach, speaker, and consultant on burnout prevention for physicians. He is CEO of TheHappyMD.com and has trained over 40,000 physicians in live settings for 175 corporate clients to date.



Frequently asked questions about the book

How long is it, what’s it like?

The book is 200 pages long with a striking, semi-gloss cover. It has wide margins for your notes, a good heft in your hand and quotes that will stop you in your tracks. It is ideal for casual reading or intensive study. It will help you work ON your practice, rather than being constantly trapped IN it.

Will there be a Kindle edition?

Probably not, certainly not this year. I want this to be on paper, read by turning the pages with your hands, margins marked with your own insights. Most of all I want it to be shared as a physical gift.

What if I want copies for all the doctors in my office/department/organization?

SAVE 40% on orders of 3 - 3000 using this link. We will make sure you get exactly the books you want, at a significant discount, on time and with full delivery tracking.

Are there international editions?

Not yet, however, if you live outside the USA, you can purchase through Amazon.com using This Link.
If you are interested in buying the rights to publish in a language other than English, please let us know! ( support@thehappymd.com )

So, it sounds like what you’re doing is taking the most powerful, personal messages of your blog and your experience coaching hundreds of burned out physicians and then giving us tools we can use to inspire, motivate and empower ourselves and others?

Nailed it.