The Great Practice Reset Window of is Here. How can you Take Advantage of this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Take Back Your Career?

If You Don't Step Up, Your Practice Will Be Reset by Your Employer Here in the Wake of COVID-19. This Short Video (2:34) Shows How You Can Use This Window To  Your Advantage. 

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Are you ready to build a more Ideal Practice in the wake of the pandemic?

The crushing waves of COVID-19 are behind us now and the healthcare industry has been changed forever. Your post-COVID practice reality is not set in stone - at least not yet. The only thing we do know is we can't return to our old 2019 reality.

The Practice RESET Window is Here:
Do YOU know what to do and say to maintain some control over the structure of your new work routine ... or will your employer just dictate the terms of your post-COVID job description??

That is the point of this Practice Reset Mini-Training Series.
Short Videos give you the Skills and Awareness to Take Your Practice Back in the Reset Window.


> The Great Practice Reset of 2022 - What Role Will YOU Play
> 3 Pandemic Lessons Your Employer Can (and Will) Use Against You
> A 3 Word Stack to Take Your Practice Back
> 3 Basic Steps to a More Ideal Practice
> 3 Natural Obstacles to Your Ideal Practice
> The Biggest Missing Piece to Practice Reset Success


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Dike Drummond MD
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