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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #4

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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #4
- 10-24-2013

Review of the program so far

How mindfulness works simply over time to ground you in the present moment
We are training our brains and shaping the lens of our perception
Yet things happen through us ... not too us
We tend to put happiness and satisfaction off into the future
Where when we finally get everything just right ... then we can be happy

“If the past and the future are real, where are they right now”

Our best and highest good is right now

Getting in the habit of being appreciative
Rather than looking for the worst thing that could happen
We are creatures of habit
Which are habits we have chosen and which have been placed upon us

Having the face to face session to get in the habit of doing the mindfulness practices together was useful

Patient Share Experience #1
Had an experience with a patient who was freaking out about a minor surgery

You shared the squeegee breath and the patient and nurse felt it was very helpful to both of them
Rather than someone talking to her about her anxiety and/or giving her medication
You took the moment to be present with her
And gave her a tool
Rather than telling her what to do

The practice of mindfulness has all sorts of both emotional and physical effects - lowering blood pressure and pulse for instance

Patient Share Experience #1
Another example of taking a squeegee breath with a patient

She calmed down immediately
And you talked about what you could do and could not do
It felt good and took less time to get her anxiety calmed down than it has before

Patient Share Experience #1
Another example of using the squeegee with a patient

One who asked for a pain med prescription
Taught her the squeegee breath and a tapping technique
She did those and calmed down

If you can get just a little crack of space between you and the pain
So you are not the same thing
So the pain is there and it is not my identity
It makes a big difference

These coaching conversations are not the kind of conversations you have in the doctors lounge

Research around breathing and brain function
Upset and anxious people process in their limbic system
And their responses are limited to fight or flight
As soon as we take a breath and establish some perspective
Functioning moves to the neocortex and
Logic, creativity and vision become possible
We have access to our resources again when we are positive
Than when we are anxious or neutral or stressed
And the better you will perform

How working in different settings in the week
Or a very long day
Can get in the way  of your usual practices

Every day is a little different
Every day your practice is a little different
It can be as simple as training your mind and awareness to be present
And the moment may not be fun
It may be painful
At least you are experiencing the reality of it
Rather than a mental construct
Not that you are happy all the time
You are present

“Live is all about love and loss and the ups and down
It is the people who understand what to do with that
As it is given
Who are the people who really find peace in the moment"

The nature of life is change
And there are some really wonderful things happening now
That we just take for granted
And our attention is not really on what is going on
That is what creates so much dissatisfaction

Many of the ideas of mindfulness are so simple
That we tend to dismiss them
And believe they won’t work
When we are not aware we tend to write the practices off
When we are aware we realize the depth in the simplicity

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