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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #2

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Call Summary

We all took a SqueeGee Breath to become present


Monday 10/14 at 7AM-9AM
in the meeting room outside the Good Sam Birth Center

We have three new members
Two have chosen to enter the study
We will have a new seating arrangement in the room on Monday


The Foundational Program has 3 Parts

1) SqueeGee Breath
2) Using Triggers to make the SqueeGee a Habit
3) Intention Journaling to set up the Treasure Hunt

1) The SqueeGee Breath

The four parts of the squeegee breath

    Intention to release
    Full body release - top of your head to the tips of your toes
    The imagery of giving it up to the squeegee - being wiped clean
    Celebrate and rejoice with the smile and “Ahh”

2) Triggers to form Habits

Why the squeegee doesn’t work as well when you wait until you feel you need it
The three prerequisites for a new habit
=> Ability - Motivation - Trigger

Using the squeegee with a superhabit trigger
Why the trigger is preventative maintenance

3) Intention Journaling and the Treasure Hunt

When under stress doctors tend to go in to Survival Mode
An Unconscious Intention to just get through the day
This puts your Nose to the Grindstone

You can Set a Conscious Intention to get more of What You Want in your day
You can write that in as a single sentence in your Journal in the AM
This sets up the Treasure Hunt

At the bottom of each SqueeGee Breath ... when you are present
You can reconnect with your Intention for the day


The structure of the course is simple
Open the email and do what it asks you to do THAT DAY
Friday - Survey
Saturday - New Lesson
Sunday - set your intention for the week


If you have a practice where you are in a different environment every day, how can you set triggers in different settings?

Intention is first ... the intention to release.
What superhabits do you have in each setting.
Even though the settings are different, each has superhabits you can use as triggers.

How is the squeegee useful for focusing ... rather than "giving it all up"?

The squeegee is a way of clearing for what is needed in that moment ... whether it is FOCUS or release.
Watch how the squeegee works for you when you use it to generate focus rather than a clean release to presence.

The squeegee can be used equally well to generate focus and FLOW on even complicated procedures ... if that is what is going on in the present.

How archers are taught a breathing technique similar to the squeegee to target the arrow.

A review of "native mindfulness behavior" in humans and how it always involves a deep breath.
How a squeegee can help your relationship with your significant other.

How to use stickies and our laminated cards to create your own triggers in your environment. They become things you see now and then that remind you to breathe. And your family can remind you when you need to squeegee.

How using a squeegee as a START tool. Every time you start a new activity ... begin by focus and centering with a squeegee breath.

Environment is stronger than willpower
How can you create an environment that reminds you to squeegee and release by using stickies and other breath reminders.

How to share the squeegee breath with your patients and the difference it makes.
How to teach it and remind them to use it when they are stressed at work.
How it feels to incorporate this into your practice.
How it makes the rest of the visit more productive
How they get that you are concerned about them and their mental state.
How this can create a bridge of humanity between you and the patient.
How the patients are amazed at this different way of helping them.

The importance of journaling just one simple intention ... to make a "successful day" easier to achieve.

How to conquer your To Do list as well - by doing your #1 item on that list BEFORE you open your email in the morning.

How writing your intention will increase the chance of it happening, even if you don't remember it during the day.

How your nurse and other staff members can remind you to do the squeegee breath when they notice that you could use it.

How this program gives you the final exam first ... you are creating your own practice at the point where you need it most.

How practice is the key and a thank you for participating.