file-4217320283 Physician Leadership Resources - So you can STOP working so hard

Here are three proven resources to become a more effective leader with your work teams. These are the skills you need to let them help you more effectively and stop working so hard.

These leadership and system building tools have been honed and tested by hundreds of physicians in all specialties.

Each lesson takes only minutes to learn and the tools are immediately effective when you put them into action.


1) Batch Processing to create an efficient work flow

Learn the skills of Batch Processing so you and your team can get things done more efficiently and stop the continuous interruptions in your work flow. This simple concept gives you a system of dealing with and delegating 80% of your work hassles.

CLICK HERE for full Batch Processing Training


2) The Optimum BID Huddle

6 minutes BID can change your whole practice for the better. A BID Huddle is the key to optimizing each half day in your practice. Here is our power training in the best huddle structure and process we have found.

CLICK HERE for BID Huddle Power Training


3) How to run a quality staff meeting for continuous practice improvement

A quality staff meeting is key to you and your team making improvements in your work day. Here is a structure to run a quality meeting and get traction on  your improvement projects. It even includes a venting process when things get heated.

CLICK HERE to learn how to run a quality Monthly Staff Meeting



Additional Resources:

MatrixCoverRipBrown_opt166x218Download your own copy of the Free Burnout Prevention MATRIX Report - with all 117 ways to prevent physician burnout - CLICK HERE


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I sincerely hope these tools allow you lead your team more effectively to lower the stress of your office or hospital day.

Keep breathing,



Dike Drummond MD