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  • Lower Your Stress Levels
  • Build More Life Balance
  • and a More Ideal Practice
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Happy, healthy doctors are the only lasting foundation for patient satisfaction and quality care. 

Organizations that actively prevent physician burnout will develop a significant competitive advantage in the near future. Their care quality and patient satisfaction will be naturally superior. Independent physicians will see them as the employer of choice in the community. And ...

With half of all US doctors suffering from symptomatic burnout on any given office day, it is high time for a comprehensive solution.


"The MATRIX report is phenomenal. It's spot on. I have already scheduled a vacation, changed my diet, signed up for a golf clinic, caught up with an
old friend and started journaling. I am looking at ways to change my
schedule at the office, and I bought a training manual for my M.A. on
scribing. I am paying attention to every patient encounter and beginning to write my ideal practice description.

I will be returning to the report frequently and continuing to move forward.

Thank you so much for seeing a need and filling it so wonderfully well." 

~ J.O. MD


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Here’s to you and your organization creating something extraordinary using the MATRIX tools.

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