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Complete your medical education with these 5 video lessons on how to recognize and prevent Physician Burnout.

=> These are short videos, with downloadable transcripts and audio files
=> Includes the “Burnout Prevention Matrix” with over 117 ways for doctors and organizations to prevent physician burnout.

In today’s medical environment, the #1 danger to your career is becoming over stressed and tipping into the downward spiral of burnout. Research shows an average of 1 in 3 doctors are suffering from burnout on any give office day.

Burnout is preventable when you know how it works and the key prevention strategies. Unfortunately this wasn’t something you were taught in med school or residency. That can change right now.


You will learn:

physician burnout prevention video training series

All the things you should have been taught as a resident about stress and burnout

- How to recognize physician burnout and differentiate it from normal stress
- Differences in physician burnout symptoms between women and men
- The four causes of physician burnout – three of which you were never trained to recognize or prevent
- The Pathophysiology of Burnout. How burnout works on our body, emotions and spirit all at the same time
- The pervasively negative effects of burnout on your practice and life


117 different ways to lower your stress and prevent physician burnout with the “Burnout Prevention Matrix”.
- You will get immediate results from any single method you implement.


doctor-woman-smiling_opt-100WWhen you enroll in the series, you will also receive
- Full Transcripts of the videos
- mp3 audio file downloads of the trainings you can listen to with any mobile device


I look forward to helping you learn how to lower your stress levels, prevent burnout and build more fulfillment and satisfaction into your career.

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