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What clients are saying ...

We asked Dr. Drummond to train all 6,000 of our physicians on the topic of burnout, giving our people new prevention tools and starting an open discussion on this difficult subject.

Dr. Drummond's training has set the stage nicely for our entire medical group to address the topic of burnout in a mindful way. What’s more, it gave us a common language to use when talking about stress and burnout and a real sense of enthusiasm that there is a way forward.

I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Drummond's willingness to not only adapt his training to address the unique features of SCPMG, but also to adjust the training to the specific concerns at each one of our 13 different medical center locations.

His energy and ability to communicate the training principles with impact and humor never flagged despite 13 full training days with our people.

Of 2,000 doctors who completed evaluations, the great majority said they were likely to apply what they learned from Dr. Drummond to their own life at work and at home.

We were heartened to hear many of our doctors express that they felt less alone and more empowered following this training. We look forward to the impact these learnings will have throughout our organization.

~ Edward Ellison, MD
Executive Medical Director - Chairman of the Board
Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG)



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