A Proven Blueprint to Hard Wire Physician Well Being Into Your Organization

  • A simple, proven four-part structure
  • Up and running in just two on-site days
  • See results in the first month
  • Each component tested & proven by 175 organizations & over 40,000 doctors
  • Designed to automatically adjust to your precise circumstances
  • A Permanent Upgrade in Your Physician Leadership Capabilities

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Let us show you a four-part strategy that will allow any healthcare organization - of any size - to build burnout prevention into "the way we do things around here".


As an organization, we have learned a lot of things via:

  • Over 3000 hours of one-on-one coaching with burned out physicians and physician leaders
  • 40,000 copies of "Stop Physician Burnout - what to do when working harder isn't working" sold
  • Over 175 corporate clients and over 40,000 doctors trained in the tools to prevent burnout and build a more ideal practice
  • Five deployments of the Quadruple Aim Blueprint to date


One of the big learnings is an unfortunate one. It goes like this ...

The majority of senior healthcare leaders don't actually care enough about their people to do something about burnout -- besides surveying and wringing their hands.

That is not you though ... for a simple reason ...

You understand the Quadruple Aim

You understand the simple concept that the health and wellbeing of your physicians and staff will determine

  • The quality of the care they offer
  • Their patient satisfaction scores
  • Their medical error rates and malpractice risk
  • Turnover rates for the physicians and the staff
  • Even the doctor's risk of alcohol and drug addiction and suicide
  • AND - perhaps most importantly - your providers level of engagement and trust in your leadership

Unfortunately understanding the Quadruple Aim is not enough.

Let's go deeper

You need proven tools to make a difference ... to help your people, stop the burnout, circle the wagons and shift your culture to one of more support, engagement and trust. You are in the right place.


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