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A Complete Corporate Physician Wellness Strategy

STOP PHYSICIAN BURNOUT, restore your Culture and secure a Triple Competitive Advantage for your organization. 

This Wellness Strategy is built on our experience working with 40,000 doctors and 175 organizations to date.

This is  for physician leaders who are eager to take better care of their people, but may not know where to begin. Or if you have a wellness strategy in place but not nearly enough impact.

  • Simple to teach, understand and build - I will show you how to draw it out on the back of a napkin
  • Effective in any organization of any size, from your personal practice to a multistate hospital system
  • Can be launched in a single onsite day

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You can see the burnout, understaffing and overwhelm everywhere on every practice day. How can you make a meaningful difference for your people?

We will share lessons learned from our 12 year, 40,000 doctor, 175 organization experience in the prevention of physician burnout.

We will discuss:

  • The simplest possible way to prevent physician burnout at the level of the organization.

  • The triple competitive advantage of physician and staff wellness.

  • A four-part, proven burnout prevention strategy.
    We will lay out all four components in detail

    and show you the communication and awareness plan that pulls it all together. 



With your fellow Physician Wellness Champions



That's all for now. I will see you in the Webinar.

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Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day.



Dike Drummond MD
CEO and Founder,

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