The 5 Dirty Little Secrets of Physician Leadership 

physician-leadership-dirty-little-secrets-300WFive Hidden Connections Between Leadership and Physician Burnout that destroy your ability to be an effective leader.
In 5 Short, Free Video Lessons
We Will Reveal & Address Every One

The lessons are supremely valuable for you if you are a physician leader

And if you're not in a leadership position, they will allow you to understand your leaders better and give you new tools to navigate your bureaucracy.


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Dirty Little Secret #1

Burnout is a tried and true path to a leadership position for doctors.

It’s a terrible way to start a new position and most never recover from this initial handicap. 

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If you don't understand these hidden connections ...
I guarantee you are

- working too hard
- your teams are not pulling their weight
- and you are at a much higher personal risk for burnout.

That's why we created this FREE five-part video training series.

In our thirteen year's experience with 175 organizations and over 40,000 doctors, we  discovered five traps all physician leaders must avoid to be successful.

We paired the secrets and the tools to compensate for them in five short video trainings - the longest is only 5 minutes - so you can watch a video and be a better leader that same day.


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