Physicians-breakthrough-process-2021-best-year-yetDownload the Physician's 2021 Breakthrough Process 

Use the ten questions inside to make 2021 your best year yet!

This is our 6th year sharing this year-end planning process designed specially for physicians - 3137 downloads to date

    • Free worksheet download
    • Takes about an hour to complete
    • Answer ten simple, logical questions allow you to tap into the power of your clearly stated intentions to bring you your Best Year Yet in 2021
    • POWER UP: Make two copies and work the questions together with your spouse/partner or a colleague.

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Take some time this weekend to sit down with a cup of tea and your favorite pen. Answer the questions - don't think too hard. Write as little or as much as you would like. Then tuck the exercise sheets away so you can review them this time next year.

Remember, this year we are turning to a whole new decade. This is the perfect time to tot up your accomplishments and set some intentions for the year ahead. 


That's all for now.

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Here’s to creating something special for you and your family in 2021!

Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD




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