DikeVideoThumbnail_opt150Welcome to the Physician Burnout Prevention Video Training Series

These 10 brief videos will complete your medical education on the most important threat to your career and quality of life as a practicing physician. We will be adding new videos to this page regularly.



The content of these videos can also be delivered in the live Burnout Proof Workshop and as a branded Mobile App for everyone in your organization. Click Here to get more information about these options


Please use this CONTACT FORM if you have any questions about the program or would like personal support to implement any of the burnout prevention tools.

 physician-satisfaction-the-happy-physician-dike-drummondCongratulations on taking this step to complete your medical education and I will see in you inside the videos below,



Dike Drummond MD



Burnout Basics

Five short videos giving you everything you should have learned about stress and burnout in your training ... that somehow got left off the curriculum.








Burnout Prevention Power Tools

Short videos teaching the most powerful tools for de-stressing your practice and creating life balance.