Outsourced Physician Burnout Coaching Services

Let our certified physician coaches provide the one-on-one support your struggling doctors need to stop the downward spiral

Who are you concerned about right now?

We understand the pain of watching one of your valued providers slide into the downward spiral of burnout ... when you don't have the time or training to help them turn things around.

We have been successfully coaching burned out physicians since 2011 and now have over 2000 hours of one on one experience with doctors in all different specialties.

Our outsourced physician burnout coaching services provide you with world-class coaching support for your struggling providers. We make the referral process as simple as possible. Our diverse team of six certified physician burnout coaches - all are physicians with extensive practice experience - will step in to give your people the support they need. 

Once we have an outsourced coaching agreement in place, all it takes is one phone call to deploy a coach to take this struggling provider off your plate of things to worry about.

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The Coaching Referral Process:

1) You call and refer of one of your providers - physicians or APP's.
We can coach you on what to say to your provider to increase the odds of them accepting coaching support.

It probably won't surprise you to know, many physicians are more comfortable with an outside source of support, rather than your in-house mental health, EAP or coaching services.

2) Your provider reviews our panel of certified coaches and makes a choice on who they would like to speak to.
All of our coaches are 

  • Board Certified Physicians, licensed in the USA - together we have 176 hours of clinical experience to date
  • Each is a coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) or currently enrolled in coach certification training
  • Each is a graduate of our Physician Burnout Coach Certification Training developed and supervised by our CEO and Founder, Dike Drummond MD.
  • Each has a personal history of burnout with a functional recovery

Meet our Certified Physician Coaches



3) Your provider and their selected coach share a one hour Discovery Session Consult by phone or Skype. The call is no cost, no obligation and completely confidential.

- If your provider and the coach agree to enter into a coaching relationship, the first full coaching call is scheduled and the coaching relationship begins.

- If your provider and the Discovery Session coach decide not to work together, your provider is free to schedule a Discovery Session with a different coach until they find a coach with whom they are comfortable moving forward.

6 and 12 call coaching packages are available starting at $3000.

Either package begins only after a successful Discovery Session.  

The primary benefits of this program are:

  1. The provider receives the personal attention they need from a qualified coach in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality.
  1. You can relax knowing that your people are in good hands no matter how rough things may look and feel right now.
  1. One phone call brings us in to take this provider's struggles off your plate.

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