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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #7

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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #7

And our final live session and Graduation Ceremony is on 11/18, Monday in two weeks at 7AM at the Good Sam Meeting Room near the birth center.

Had a conference with your financial planner. You told him about mindfulness training and how it was helping you. Your financial planner has a massage practice ... where he was challenged to be present at first. You encouraged him to continue.

When you are encountering people who are depressed you tell them about mindfulness and sometimes they say it is too much “zen” for them. In that case they are probably more interested in the secondary gain of being depressed than changing and feeling better. If they are interested in feeling better, they would jump at anything that has the possibility of helpin.

FEAR = the anticipation of future pain
It does not exist in the present the vast majority of the time - unless there is a tiger standing in front of you.

Depression, anger, anxiety and a whole host of other negative emotions are also not based in the present moment. That is why mindfulness helps.

The concept of being present and other concepts of time exist in judeo christian philosophy. The only time we are with god is in the now. The “ecclesiastical moment”.

You taught an anxious woman the squeegee breath. It went well. You had to use it twice with anxious people in the last two days. And you are using it to switch gears with patients.

Slow the encounter down
You realized you were not present (awareness is always step one)
Then used your tool to release and come back - The SqueeGee Breath
(and the patient smiled - bonus)

Do patients see the breath as a sign of weakness? Your physician programming as a superhero lone ranger would be afraid of that. Dike has never heard of anything like that in a patient encounter before.

Taking a breath in front of a patient humanizes you. The more human we are with our patients, the stronger the bond we can create. They think you are going the extra mile.

What happens if you are distracted and don’t recognize it or deal with it. It will fundamentally alter your relationship with the patient. And this “survival mode” way of being with patients is incredibly common.

Press Ganey and patient satisfaction is in part from the quality of your presence. Mindfulness will improve patient satisfaction so it should raise Press Ganey scores. Our research project does now measure that however. Dike feels this is a win:win:win

  • Patients win with better care
  • Physicians and staff win with the benefits of mindfulness
  • The organization potentially gets bonus payments too that fund the mindfulness training in the first place.

You are going to an archery tournament and going to use it then. Use the squeegee breath to let go of bad shots between arrows so that every shot is a new shot ... from scratch.