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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #5 10-31-2013

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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #5  10-31-2013

 Halloween Coaching Call

 Reminder that the new practices are now finished. You have all the program’s mindfulness practices at this point.

The ways this program differs from the standard way mindfulness is taught as formal sitting meditation.

The only way you can be too busy to do the squeegee breath is to be too busy to breathe.


The full expression of the program

Squeegee Breath

  • Intention
  • Full Body Breathe Give it up to the SqueeGee
  • Smile and say Ahh

Use Triggers

Journal Your Intention for the day

One of the Playground Activities

  • Sitting and Walking Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Guided Meditation

Gratitude Journal

Boundary Ritual ... so you can come all the way home


What are you doing and what is working?

A patient with bladder cancer who had been in three times in the last week. Getting lots of opinions from multiple specialists. She apologized for stressing You out. You shared the squeegee with her and her significant other.  It was well received. She is OK with going to the U ... and they don’t do the sqeegee up there. You had a family practice resident with you and he is picking up on it too.

Creating space between disease and suffering, between who you are at your core and what is going on to you.

Consider sharing a squeegee breath with your team in the BID huddle. Soon you will all be reminding each other to breathe soon.

On the days you could use the squeegee breath the most ... that is when you are least likely to remember to do it ... if your team is familiar with the squeegee, your less stressed team members can remind the more stressed ones to breathe.

When the doctor is stressed it can effect everyone on the team. Give your team permission to remind you to breathe or they will not be comfortable reminding you.

You don’t need a long term meditation practice or a spirituality background ... just the mechanics of the breath do the job.

You notice how teaching the squeegee to a patient helps relax you too.

Meditation is a continuous string of squeegee breaths to release and return.

The squeegee works to relax and release AND to be focused on what you are doing ... even if it is multiple things at once, like a heart cath procedure.

What do you do when three or four things are coming at you at once?  Ask them to take turns, one at a time. Line them up like beads on a string with the sqeegee  breath the knot between the tasks. Sequential mono-tasking. How to order people who are coming at you like a traffic cop. So you can handle them one at a time.

 The brain science on multitasking and how it shows multitasking makes you stupid. If you look at your primary relationships in your day - patients/staff/family - the most important thing is the quality of your presence when you are with them. And avoiding some of the non-verbal cues that show you are distracted. When you realize you are not present ... you are present.

Mindfulness creates a space between you and the things that stress you in a way that lets the stress go and lets you see the causes of your stress much more clearly and in a way that solutions are more visible.

Why balance is critical to being a good physician and a good person. You can’t give what you aint got.

The programming of residency and how it shows up in practice. How the boundary ritual creates the “off” switch on this doctor programming. How residency is changing to lower stress for today’s residents. How being a doctor is more than a job, it becomes our identity.

Boundary rituals -

  • Music on the ride home
  • Walking to the end of the driveway and back
  • Squeegee when you open the house door
  • Stretching on the front porch before you go in
  • Squeegee with the garage door opener
  • Take off your tie and kick off your shoes
  • And three dogs meet you at the door
  • As a signal that you don’t need these things here

Additional ways to do walking meditation - outside and synchronized to your breath. What to focus on when you are in walking meditation. The mindfulness technique of not naming - beginner’s mind. How to  use your feet and walking meditation to Kiss the Earth.

Tree pose in the stretching playground activity:

Imagine the foot that is on the ground being rooted into the ground rather than standing on the surface. And that you can sway and not fall. Notice the difference that makes.

Request for additional guided meditation

Beach / Mountain / Garden

To go with the Lake Imagery