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Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #3 10-17-2013

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Call Summary

We all took a SqueeGee Breath to become present

How are you using the program and how are things going for you?

Using the squeegee breath with a family where you knew there was a stressful situation (ethical dilemmas) before you entered the room. The breath gives you an edge and you feel the difference

Anticipation can be unnerving - you are in the Future

=> FEAR does not exist in the present
The thing you are afraid of is often something that has happened in the past
The phrase “be present” brings you more present.

The people in the room were anxious too
And you often act as a bridge between the family members
And body language is very important
The smile at the end of the squeegee breath is funny at first and it seems to work
People relax when you are smiling as you enter the room

EXAMPLE of a way to invite patients to share a squeegee breath with you.
It allows you to become human and step down off the pedestal the patient has you on
“You know what ... I have had a busy day ... and I am a little distracted
And I know you are not super happy to be here .. because you are seeing the doctor, after all
So I am wondering if you would like to share a big breath with me
So both of us can be really present with each other?”

It seems like it would take bravery to do that.
As soon as you do it and watch what the patient says ... it will be easy and you will like it.

Why dogs and cats are ideal meditation teachers.

How the squeegee begins to become something you “sort of do automatically”. That is another way to describe a habit.

Why we recommend you do guided meditations
The Lake - sitting up
The Body Scan - lying down

It is OK if you fall asleep when you are doing the Body Scan !!

Several examples of walking meditation
Outside with breathing synchronized to steps
Four steps with each in breath
Four steps with each out breath ... for example

Examples of intentions you can set with yourself
And intentions you can set out loud with your work team
How your intention can turn your whole day around

How intentions can be set two ways
An intention to avoid the things you don’t want “Not get behind in clinic”
And an intention to get what you really want “stay on time in the clinic”
Try both ways and see how they are different
And realize - you can’t get what you want, until you focus on what you want

What you focus on expands in your awareness
So focus on what you want
Not what you don’t want

How to put your intention out to your team and use it to create a transparent BID Huddle and bring everyone understanding all the moving parts. Even the ones they don’t see.

The Structure of the program so far

All four parts

  1. Intention to release
  2. Top of your head to tips of your toes
  3. Give it up to the squeegee
  4. Allow the corners of your mouth to turn up and say, “Ahh”
Set your daily intention
Write it down
- Use the B[Present] cards to remind you

- A vision board
- Affirmation sticky notes

One playground activity a day
Possibly as a break in your day


Friday - fill out the 60 second weekly survey

Saturday - watch for lesson 5
Learn ways to get more of what you want in your day

Sunday - reflect on your week, use the Body Scan for complete relaxation

Mark Your Calendar
11/18 is our final live session

Sample intentions:
See how many patients I can get to do the squeegee breath
It is an invitation
You don’t have to label it as a squeegee breath

The bonding with a patient that can happen when they see you become present in front of them.

What playground practice will you take on tomorrow
Stretches or walking

All the playground activities have guided audios on the training website
And you can use your phone to access the site and listen

A weekend process to get your 13 year old son to practice the squeegee breath
TIP: Use things that make them  blow really hard can help
And “Horse Lips” will get them to relax as well
And turn it into a game whenever you can

How to turn a 5 minute walk to starbucks into a full bore mindfulness practice.

How an outside walking meditation can bring  you present to nature all around.