Multicare Mindfulness Program Coaching Call #1

Listen to the Call Here



Call Summary

We all took a squeegee breath to become present

Report out on the difference the squeegee breath has made in your day

  • A more efficient pace because you are more focused
  • Noticed that difficult patient encounters with the whole patient’s family in the room are easier with a squeegee breath before you enter the room ... not onerous at all even though you expected to be
  • Patients who you shared the squeegee breath with who thanked you for sharing this “alternative medicine technique”
  • How to share the breath with your patients and their families
  • Things that the breath will not help - like newscasts about the paralysis in government
  • How to use the squeegee breath in front of your staff to be fully present for their requests

Recap of the course so far

Your Intention you wrote in your journal
The definition of mindfulness

The four parts of the squeegee breath

  1. Intention to release
  2. Full body release - top of your head to the tips of your toes
  3. The imagery of giving it up to the squeegee - being wiped clean
  4. Celebrate and rejoice with the smile and “Ahh”

Why the squeegee doesn’t work as well when you wait until you feel you need it
The three prerequisites for a new habit
=> Ability - motivation - trigger

Using the squeegee with a superhabit trigger
Why the trigger is preventative maintenance
How to use the squeegee between work and home

A review of unsupportive thoughts you can give up to the squeegee

I wonder if I am doing this right
(there is no way to do it “wrong” if your Intention is to release)
I wonder if I am doing this too much ... what does it mean that I am doing this so many times in a day
(there is no such thing as too many squeegee breaths ... just what works)

The structure of the course is simple
Open the email and do what it asks you to do THAT DAY
Friday - Survey
Saturday - New Lesson
Sunday - set your intention for the day


Is there a pattern in the thoughts and feelings you give up to the squeegee?

Dealing with PIA patients - diminishes that tremendously

What are the benefits of mindfulness with the squeegee you are noticing?

  • Less preconceived ideas that it will be a bad interaction
  • Helps you set boundaries with the patient
  • Less getting behind and stressed
  • More focused in the tasks of being with the patient AND doing EMR tasks more efficiently one at a time
  • Spending more time making eye contact with the patient
  • Smiling more and patients responding favorably
  • Enjoying interactions more - a more gratifying encounter
  • Listening to the patient more with more eye contact and connection
  • That is more enjoyable than listening while looking at something else
  • More insight from the patient
  • The difference between being fully present - eyes, voice and body
  • More productive
  • Getting home earlier
  • Walking into home clearing yourself before you walk into the house

Why this has nothing to do with what you understand ... it is what you do with what you know

Why the squeegee breath is giving you the “final exam first”

The thought of offering family practice residents a way to deal with the stresses of the day

The programming of
The patient always comes first
Never show weakness
How this programming gets in the way of us getting our needs met

Why if your intention is to release the squeegee works every time

Why the concept of RELEASE is so much more effective than DON’T THINK ABOUT THAT