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A weekly online conversation with a like-minded group of physicians and
other healthcare providers - Lightworkers like YOU.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is here. Normal is gone. The New Normal is still unclear, swirling in the midst of the acute crisis.

What does this mean for you personally, for your family, your practice, your career? Great questions ... with embryonic answers beginning to emerge.

Let's get together in the Lightworkers Forum and talk about it all.
Over the last 16 weeks and 21 calls, a total of 685 doctors and other Lightworkers have Zoomed in from six different countries around the world to share experiences, get cutting edge intelligence on developing trends in the disease, the healthcare industry, the physician wellness movement, toilet paper availability and much more.

Join Us This Sunday.

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The Lightworkers Forum Mastemind Calls are:

No cost
No obligation
A group conversation within fellow Lightworkers

  • Grab a cup of coffee - Stop in when you can - for as long as you can
  • and I will be on the Zoom interface for whatever group of us can meet to discuss all of this and more. 
  • Get support, coaching, brainstorming, advice, tools and insight - things that can only happen when we connect outside the whirlwind of a practice day to share our experience as doctors and light workers
  • Stop by and let's support each other -- and put our heads together to figure out what comes next

Let's continue to support each other every weekend until a new normal becomes clear.

The Lightworker's Forum calls are a safe place for an open discussion across location, specialty, practice model, nationality. We can share what each of us is experiencing and find support and reassurance along the way. And we can harness the collective awareness of our group to spot patterns and find a way forward once this chaos calms a bit. 



That's all for now.

If you have any questions or would like immediate support, please use this Contact Form to connect by sending us a quick message. 

Here’s to thriving through this pandemic ... all 13 layers ... yes?

Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD




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