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The Unique Heart of the Healer 12-week Follow Up System

Remember the last retreat you attended?

It probably left you high and dry ... all on your own as soon as you boarded the plane back home. It is extremely rare for a retreat to include follow up ... which is why most retreats FAIL ... unfortunately.

We won't let that happen to you this time. 

A Retreat can change your life, but only if you can make your new awareness and new action plans stick when you get back home. In fact, the hard work of changing your practice and your life only begins when you return home.

That is why we wrap the Heart of the Healer in a comprehensive, 12-week follow up support system.

The support is so complete, it virtually guarantees you will make your changes stick by simply participating in the resources we make available. You have never experienced a community of people interested in your success like you will here ... we promise.


The Heart of the Healer Post-Retreat Support System includes:


1) The Retreat Resources Page:

  • All the key resources, reports, white papers and bonus trainings from the retreat
  • Five Guided Imagery sessions you can download to your cell phone to listen anywhere
  • An extensive recommended reading list
  • All the coaching call notes and audio recordings 
  • All password protected, just for retreat participants

2) The secret Facebook Page

Only the page is visible on Facebook. All of the posts, conversations and members are invisible.

You can connect with all 40 of the Retreat participants whenever you need to ask a question, get some new ideas or need a shoulder to lean on. 

You have never felt support like this from a group of like-minded physicians on the same journey. It is inspiring, intense and wonderful and a key piece of the support system.

3) 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Once a week we get together in powerful group coaching calls to

  • Celebrate
  • Support each other
  • Learn from each other's experience
  • State our action steps in the week ahead for all to hear

This is another powerful support system most physicians have never experienced. You will love it.

If you miss a call, all retreat participants get a copy of the call notes and audio recording.

Lifetime Access to the One Minute Mindfulness Online Training Program

Research proven, single breath mindfulness taught in a series of online videos to which you have lifetime access

Access to the Ideal Physician Job Search Formula Online Training

The step by step process to find an Ideal Job - if a job search is appropriate in your situation. You receive lifetime access here as well.


With a support system this comprehensive, the ONLY way you won't make the changes you are seeking ... is if you simply don't participate in the resources we make available. 

No excuses. It's all here for you. 

Are you ready?


Use this Contact Form to ask any questions about the retreat. the venue or support system or anything else we can help you with.


That's all for now. 

I hope to see you live and in person soon. Less stress, more balance and Your Ideal Job Description are all waiting.

Keep breathing and have a great weekend,





Dike Drummond MD
CEO and Founder,