Four Paths to a More Ideal Practice

1) Weekly Support from Like-Minded Physicians in the Lightworkers Forum

2) Navigate the Pandemic to a New and Better Normal - Pandemic Survival Guide Training

3) Find a Much Better Job - Ideal Physician Job Search Formula Training

4) Become the Eye of the Storm in Your Practice Day - One Minute Mindfulness Training

Since 2010 we have helped thousands of doctors recognize and prevent burnout. COVID-19 makes this physician life much more difficult, and yet navigating the crisis, keeping you and your family safe and building an even better new normal on the far side is possible. Here are four different ways we can offer a helping hand. 


1) Get World Class Support from Physicians Across the USA and the World, Every Week

Join Us in the Lightworker's Forum Weekly Physician Support Sessions on ZOOM

Every Saturday from 10AM - Noon Pacific Time (USA)
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Stop by, share updates from Lightworkers like you from around the world. Get support, fresh ideas and maybe even a Power WHOOSH or two.

Register and Get the ZOOM Links Here

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2) Learn Proven Tools to Navigate this COVID-19 Crisis and Bring You and Your Family to a Better Normal on the Far Side

The Pandemic Survival Guide Online Training for Physicians.

  • Learn New Methods of Resilience and Foresight.
  • Craft a Safe Landing on the Far Side for You and Your Family.
  • 5 Short Video Lessons share Proven Skills from our 40,000 Doctor Experience

Learn More and Get Started Today.

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L66Z9iE4Tq24qBAyKHsw_IdealPhysicianJobSearchFormula3D_opt1280W-13) Find a Much More Ideal Job ... Guaranteed -- With our Proven, Step-by-Step Ideal Job Search Formula for Physicians 

10 years of coaching burned out doctors taught us a full 30% of doctors will need to change jobs to recover.

If your practice satisfaction is below 5 out of 10 right now and you are mired in hostile work culture or have a nasty or incompetent boss ... the writing is on the wall. You will almost certainly need a job change to turn things around. Here's the problem though. Most doctors look for a new job in a fashion that is no better than flipping a coin.

This Online Video Training teaches our step-by-step set of best practices in Physician Job Search that will guarantee you a much more Ideal Practice this time around.

Learn More and Get Started Here

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4) Become the Eye of the Storm at Work. Cool, Calm, Centered and Focused No Matter What is Going On Around You.

Our Evidence Based, One Minute Mindfulness Online Training Program for Physicians Will Show You How

  • Research Proven
  • Short Video Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Results to Lower Stress and Decrease Burnout

CLICK to Learn More and Get Started

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That's all for now

If you have any questions or feedback, please use this online form to contact us directly.

Keep breathing, stay safe and have a mellow rest of your day.



Dike Drummond MD