The Disruptive Physician's Toolkit

disruptive-doctor-toolkit-disruptive-physicianHow to raise your legitimate concerns - with your boss and in leadership meetings - and NOT get labeled as the disruptive one.

This is a little known art form that involves

  • Using the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization as a shield
  • While you do your very best Columbo impersonation. Yes, that Columbo, Peter Fonda in the rumpled trenchcoat

I promise, if you do what I teach you in the report three things are going to happen

1) People you never thought would give you the time of day, will sit back, stroke their chins and listen to what you have to say

2) They may even see your point and incorporate some of your ideas going forward, even if that has never happened before

3) And you will NOT get labeled disruptive.

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Dike Drummond MD