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Stop Physician Burnout
With the "Burnout Proof" Mobile APP

Imagine 48 Proven Burnout Prevention Tools in the Palm of Your Hand ...

- Lower Your Stress Levels 
- Build More Life Balance
- Take Your Practice & Your Life Back 


Install Your Copy NOW - only $9.99



“You are the coach in my phone who reminds me to do the things I 
know I want to do, but that seem to get lost in my week”



dike-head-shot-physician-satisfaction-the-happy-physician-dike-drummond.pngDike Drummond MD, CEO of TheHappyMD.com here with an important announcement.

We've used our experience of over 2100 hours of one-on-one physician coaching -- to thoroughly test this group of 48 tools for reducing stress and re-balancing your life.

Then we turned them into short video and audio lessons so you can watch in as little as the time it takes for a for a coffee break.

Watch a video, practice the tool and get new results immediately.


“The app is really useful. The quality of the videos presentations is great 
and the message is sent clearly. I have used some of the audios to relax. One night I even fell asleep with my headsets on ... Loved it!!”



Now they can be available to you at the touch of a button --on your smart phone or tablet with the world's First Burnout Prevention APP.

  • 19 videos on burnout basics and prevention tools
  • 18 audios with meditation, guided imagery, chair yoga
  • 11 handouts that turn the videos into mini-trainings for you and your staff.

We have implemented these techniques with hundreds of physicians, in all specialties and we guarantee they will work for you.

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“The audios and videos are great! Very helpful and I much prefer it in an app format which I can easily access from my phone or iPad.”


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stop physician burnout app burnout proof

stop physician burnout app burnout proof


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Cover_opt-200WWhat's in the APP?

19 videos - 18 audios - 11 pdf handouts
All at your finger tips on any mobile device - Apple and Android

  • 5 Burnout basics videos
  • 14 Prevention Power Tools Mini Trainings - none more than 9 minutes long
  • Walking and sitting meditation
  • Chair yoga
  • Instant relaxation with multiple guided imagery audios you can download to your phone including the body scan, magic bubble, the lake, the mountain, the beach and more

Click Here to see the complete Table of Contents



Here is just one of the 19 video lessons inside the APP




Click here to contact us directly
if you have any questions or an urgent need for support.

Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,



Dike Drummond MD
CEO, TheHappyMD.com

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