The Heart of the Healer Retreat 2013 is complete and we are planning more in 2014.

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Let Go of Being a Busy Doctor for 4 Days This Fall
Come Join Us to Rest, Recharge, Rejuvenate
And Create Your Own Personal Breakthrough
to a More Fulfilling Practice
and a Richer, More Balanced Life


The Heart of the Healer experience is for you if …

    • physician-wellness-retreat-san-juan-islands_opt200W

      You want a break from taking care of everyone else and some time to focus 100% on you – relaxing, recharging your batteries, taking a good look at your practice and your life from this different perspective — and getting crystal clear on what you really want going forward

    • You want to create a much more balanced life – so you are not always at the mercy of your career, your practice and your patients

    • You want new skills to be able to spend your time in the office actually seeing patients — rather than being constantly hassled by your EMR and the 48 other clerical tasks that end up on your desk

    • You would like a deeper connection with what you love about medicine – those patients who make you smile and say, “Now THAT is why I became a doctor”

    • You are working harder and longer than ever and no time management tool seems to help cut the workload or ease your stress levels

    • You see yourself as deeper and wider and with much more to contribute to your patients and your family than you have time and energy for at the moment

    • You know there are doctors out there who feel the way you do and you would love to connect with them … but it is too risky in your current situation to talk about your own stress level and attempt friendships like that

    • You know in your heart that something has to change about your practice and your life because you simply can’t go on like this much longer

    • You are ready to make the change you have been longing for and finally step out of Einstein’s definition of crazy …”Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result”


The Heart of the Healer Retreat Program is a very small group experience

– where you step outside your “normal” life and receive my highest level of personal attention, creativity and training

for four incredible days in the San Juan Islands

– AND then four solid months of weekly, world-class follow up support and accountability


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physician-satisfaction-the-happy-physician-dike-drummond-2I am thrilled to personally invite you share four days of transformation on beautiful Orcas Island, Washington this September 9th – 12th.

A small, carefully chosen group ONLY SIX (6) PHYSICIANS and I will share four days focused 100% on your own personal rejuvenation and creating a clear vision and detailed action plan for a richer and more balanced life from this point forward.

=> Then you receive four months of weekly support
from both me and the rest of our group to implement the changes on your return home to your “normal” life.

=> I will share all the tools and techniques I have learned and taught to hundreds of physicians
around the world for creating space and ease in your practice and a fulfilling life in your time off.

=> And we will be doing daily yoga, meditation (all experience levels welcome), hiking, whale watching, massage and much more …

The Heart of the Healer Retreat is a Leadership Development Program lead by a Certified Executive Coach. It is a tax deductible business expense and legitimate use of your CME or Professional Development funds.


Our goal is simple:

To create “new normal” where your practice is meaningful – no matter what is going on in your day – and your life is rich and fulfilling … even if you are not clear at the moment on what that might look like or have given up on it even being possible in this lifetime.

I will put all of my coaching skills and experience to work entirely on you
and give you the step by step personalized plan to break free of the habits that drain your energy and allow your practice to dominate your life. You will leave the retreat with a clear vision of what you really want in your life and practice going forward and a step by step action plan for getting there.

You will also start or deepen your mindfulness practice so you can be the eye of the storm no matter what is going on around you. We will practice short sessions of sitting and walking meditation each day and you will learn the advanced SqueeGee breath techniques to let go of any stress in just a single breath.

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  • You will learn my top five time saving tools for your practice – this is one of the keys to restoring balance to your life.

  • You will create a direct connection with your “Inner Advisor” so you always have a way to make heart-centered decisions from now on

  • You will understand the “chapters” of your life so far – have an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments to date and then design the next chapter of your life … on purpose and in detail

  • You will leave with a clear vision of your ideal practice and ideal life and an action plan to get there

  • I will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your personality and the way you see the world – where that works and where it gets in your way


And to make sure your breakthroughs from our time together actually STICK …

… you will receive a complete package of world class support with - 4 months of weekly group phone calls – just you, me and the doctors you shared the retreat with – to deepen your learning, deal with problems when they come up (and they will), support each other in making these life altering changes and keep you accountable to living your vision.

mtconstview_opt-225All while providing you a quintessential Northwest experience of blue skies, ocean and mountains, hiking to one of the best viewpoints on the planet, whale watching, massage … even a seaplane flight to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

You will bring your new vision and plan back with your energetic bank accounts in a healthy balance … ready to go … knowing that you are never more than a week away from your coaching phone call all the way through the holidays.



Why Did I Put This Program Together For You?

The Heart of the Healer is part of my mission to empower doctors to take control over their lives in these chaotic times … so we can continue to make the difference we envisioned in our training without sacrificing our life and sanity to do so.


Here’s the problem

We are conditioned in our training (medical school and residency) to serve others even if it is unhealthy for us and our families. You develop a set of habits that are invisible to you and guarantee that all of us suffer from burnout at some point.

EXAMPLE: We take a minimum of 7 years to learn how to diagnose and treat illness and trauma and suffering so it becomes very easy to always focus on problems, danger, the things that are not working. We start to see them everywhere. You and I could sit in Grand Central Station and we would be the only ones who notice the man 60 yards away with the limp … then we would have a serious discussion about whether it is his knee or hip that is the problem. Just so you know … ONLY DOCTORS DO THINGS LIKE THAT!

We automatically think we have to take responsibility for everything, that working harder is the solution to every problem and that everyone else’s needs trump ours. Often when I am coaching doctors one on one it is like talking to a fish about the water in their bowl … eventually the fish asks me “what is this water you are talking about?”

Right now you are trapped in habits you learned under fire in your training
Their natural and unavoidable outcome is your current level of stress and frustration
In order to get different results you must take different actions
Those new actions are not easy to see while you are
 - In the fishbowl of your current life and practice
 - All by yourself in a situation where no one can completely understand what you are going through or offer proven solutions

The Heart of the Healer experience is designed to

Get you out of your fishbowl so you can clearly see how your habits get in your way

Put you in a supportive environment of like minded doctors working on making the same changes for themselves – you will be amazed at how much you think is unique to you is actually shared by all of us – once we are in an environment where we are safe to speak the whole truth

Give you new awareness, tools, inner and outer support systems

All lead by my personal experience of working with hundreds of doctors to take their life back from the dead end of burnout

And provide full support after the retreat so you implement your new life and practice vision with skill and grace


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“Dike showed me how to change myself and thinking to affect my environment. It wasn’t counseling, “tea and sympathy” or venting sessions, it was solid, constructive times of self-discovery and growth. I was pushed and challenged, he was the mentor I never got when I started practice, but desperately needed. I have changed for the better and am one step closer to being the physician I want to become and have a plan on how to get the rest of the way there.“
~ J.K. DO

“Now I feel significantly more aware, involved and empowered. I am stronger and calmer and better equipped for the future. With Dike’s coaching I have noticed improvements in all aspects of my life. In my relationships with my husband, children and at work with my colleagues.“
~ Julie V. MD

“I don’t really think I could place a dollar amount/value on it. For me, it has been life-altering in a way few other supportive relationships have been.”
~ C. B. MD

“Our work was immediately helpful. I was able to learn exactly what to do next on each call. Dike’s coaching was convenient, easy, effective – which are words I did not have in my head when we first connected. This has been a priceless experience for me.”
~ T.C. MD



In this retreat and 4 month follow up experience you will …


  • You will come to Orcas Island in the American San Juans to the Rosario Resort, built by a turn of the century shipping magnate on a beautiful peninsula over looking East Sound
  • We start with a walk of the labyrinth at a church on the beach to wind you in to your Leave of Presence
  • Each day begins with Yoga and sitting and walking meditation
  • We will have morning teaching sessions and then afternoons ofThe resort has a full service spa and you will receive a full body massage as part of the retreat
  • Hiking to the top of Mount Constitution for a view that will take your breath away
  • Whale watching of the local pods of Orca
  • You will take a float plane flight back to Seattle – landing at the south end of Lake Union, right downtown at the foot of the Space Needle
  • We will tour world famous Pike Place Market – and see the Flying Fish Market
  • Our “Graduation Dinner” is at “Cutters” restaurant overlooking the sunset on Elliot Bay, the waterfront, ferries and Olympic Mountains

Build Resilience

  • You will learn and practice several forms of sitting and walking meditation – including advanced SqueeGee Breath training – and become capable of being the eye of the storm no matter what is going on around you
  • You will experience the “Book of Life” process to look back over the chapters in your life so far and design the chapter that begins now … on purpose and in detail
  • You will receive your own individual copy of the world’s best personality profile and a comprehensive understanding of your personality and the way you see the world – where that works and where it gets in your way
  • We will share an in depth communication workshop so you understand how to communicate more effectively with all types of people – especially those who are the opposite of your personality type

Re-Balance Your Life

  • You will learn the top 5 work effectiveness and life balancing tools from my private coaching practice with over stressed doctors. These are the most effective tools I have found and they work in the real world of busy doctors
  • You will create a clear vision of your Ideal Practice and Ideal Life and learn how to live more in alignment with your purpose and passions immediately
  • You will create a detailed, personal action plan for moving powerfully towards your Ideal Practice and Ideal Life. This is the plan that our follow up coaching sessions will help you walk … step by step


The Heart of the Healer Experience Also Includes

Four months of weekly group coaching calls by phone after the retreat and all through the holidays.
We will work together as a mastermind team to keep you moving forward on your action plan.
The support, action planning, accountability and additional training and coaching will make you unstoppable when you return home.

You will be able to recognize old habits and rewire them using your Ideal Practice and Ideal Life visions and get support on taking action with power and grace every single week … all the way through the busy time of the end of the year holiday season.



As a Retreat Member You Will Also Receive These Bonuses:

=> 4 Personal one on one coaching sessions with me.
To make sure you get the highest level of personal attention – and in addition to the 16 group coaching sessions – all Retreat Members will also receive 4, one hour one on one coaching sessions with detailed notes and/or call recordings

=> Lifetime Access to the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program
You can review and increase the power of your mindfulness and meditation practice any time you wish with these online video lessons in how to release stress in the moment with a single breath.

=> The complete guided imagery audio download library
Inner advisor, complete relaxation, ideal office day, magic bubble, the lake, the garden, personal place all in MP3 format you can download and put on your phone or portable device. You can relax, manage your stress levels and connect with your sources of inner wisdom any time you wish.

=> 15% Savings on all Future Retreat Experiences
As an alumnus, you will always receive exclusive savings off the standard investment for future retreats hosted by my HappyMD Community


The entire program is covered by your investment

=> Room and all meals
=> All training sessions and activities
=> The float plane, massage
=> Transport to and from the training site
=> All the group and one on one follow up coaching calls and bonuses above

All you have to do is get to Seattle the morning of September 9th and we will take it from there

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“Dike opened my eyes to new ideas, new resources, and challenged me to permit myself to dream about my ideal life and career. He taught me several ways to deal with my current stress by making small steps starting with my reactions to competing priorities and time demands. I see and feel a light at the end of this tunnel. I am extremely grateful.“
~ Michelle R. MD

“Knowing that Dike is a doctor himself, I really felt he understood where I was coming from. I could trust and value his judgment, not to mention how nice it was to feel true empathy and his abounding positive attitude to helping me help myself.”
~ Amy R. MD

“Dike’s compassionate skill lead me to both believe in, and achieve a transition to a life and work that provides meaning and enduring happiness.”
~ J.M. MD

“I had no idea I was in such “good company” as an alienated physician. Dike showed me how to be more mindful, how journaling helps to cut down on my worries and how to STOP doing old things so I could START to make changes.”
~ Tom H. MD


Are You a Good Fit For the Heart of the Healer Experience?

This program is right for you if you are ready to make a significant positive change in your life – reconnect with why you became a doctor in the first place and start enjoying your practice again. You are ready for a more balanced and meaningful life with time and space for your family, friends, your hobbies, your personal fitness and a deeper connection with the world outside of medicine.

You also need to know that I am very selective about who I choose to work with – especially in this private setting. I have found it is not of service to take on a client who is not ready to receive this kind of support or is not willing to take the action required to get different results in their life.

As a physician on the verge of this transformation …

—  You are decisive and willing to make decisions even when it is uncomfortable
—  You are past the point of playing your practice and life by other people’s rules and ready and willing to take on new skills and awareness to create a life that is extra-ordinary
—  You are spiritual in some way – you feel your connection to something outside your own basic needs and desires and you are committed to your growth in this spiritual realm
—  You are willing to invest in yourself – time, energy, attention and money – for your own benefit and to step into being a more powerful healer, parent, partner and person
—  You are willing to do things differently than you have before – rather than just learning concepts and stopping when you understand them. You know it is time for action and you are ready to take a big breath and dive in.
—  You are low drama - ready to open up and make some changes rather than just continue to complain about the way things are
—  You are coachable, are willing to receive feedback (especially on what is not working) and show up powerfully to get the results you want
—  You are willing to support and help others on the same journey - our team and our combined intentions help everyone achieve and celebrate more
—  You ask for what you want and speak up when you are not getting what you need
—  You respect my boundaries and those of my team
—  You are excited about working together towards creating your new reality


The choice is clear and the next step is simple

If you feel yourself reflected in these words … and you are feeling the tug of knowing you are on the threshold of making 2013 the year when everything changes … then this is the moment to step forward and claim the practice, the life and the fulfillment you really want. It matters that you take action NOW. And the next step couldn’t be easier.


Step 1: CLICK HERE TO APPLY for the Heart of the Healer 9/9 – 9/12, 2013
I will be hand selecting the right fit of attendees because of the depth and length of this transformational program.

Inside the application is a breakdown of what you will experience at the retreat. You will also see the investment options, including payment plans and even a “bring a friend option” that gives you the best deal.


Step 2: Fill out the application and return it to me. Grab a cup of tea and answer the thought provoking questions. The application process is likely to provide you will a breakthrough and/or new realization all by itself.


Step 3: After I receive your application, my team will connect with you to schedule your 30 minute interview. Together we will decide if it is a match, so you can explore this opportunity without risk, fear or hesitation.




Here in 2013 you have the power to change your reality.

You can take yourself out of survival mode and begin to enjoy medicine again. You can plan and create a richer and more fulfilling life. It is possible and you can do it.

The heart of the Healer experience is a way to step out of your busy life to create a plan, build a team and lock in four months of world class support to keep you on track. I can’t wait to read your application and talk with you personally.


Until we connect – keep breathing and have a great rest of your day.




Dike Drummond MD




You don’t have to be content with the scraps of time and energy that are left over after you are done with your charts. Getting what you want starts with the decision to go for it.

The first step is requesting your application using the form above – I can’t wait to read it.



About Your Retreat Leader, Dike Drummond MD

dike-drummond-physician-satisfaction-the-happy-md-2Dike Drummond is a Mayo trained family physician, mentor and executive coach to hundreds of doctors facing career threatening burnout, empowering them to step out of programming of their medical education to live lives of more joy, fulfillment and professional satisfaction. Known for blending heart-centered coaching and the latest in mindfulness and personal development science, Dr. Drummond delivers simple, field-tested ways for doctors to save hours of time in the office, reconnect with what they love about medicine and build a fulfilling life outside the office or hospital.

Dr. Drummond is the creator of the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program for doctors, the Burnout Prevention Video Training Series, the Burnout Prevention MATRIX Report with over 117 ways doctors and organizations can work together to lower stress and prevent burnout – and CEO of with its community of over 1400 doctors from 62 different countries around the world.

He is a frequent contributor to major healthcare blogs such as,, and the author of the forthcoming book, “Physician Burnout Handbook: Stress Relief for the Busy Doctor”


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