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Happy, healthy doctors are the only lasting foundation for patient satisfaction and quality care. 

Organizations that actively prevent physician burnout will develop a significant competitive advantage in the near future. Their care quality and patient satisfaction will be naturally superior. Independent physicians will see them as the employer of choice in the community. And ...

With 1 in 3 doctors suffering from symptomatic burnout on any given office day, it is high time for a comprehensive solution.


The Matrix

physician burnout prevention matrix dike drummondWhen you understand the pathophysiology of burnout, it quickly becomes clear there are only two methods of preventing physician burnout.

  • You can lower the stress and energy drain on the physician
  • You can increase your ability to recharge your physical, emotional and spiritual energy accounts

There are two sources of these burnout prevention activities

  • The individual physician
  • The organization where you work

Hence the 2 X 2 Matrix you see below 

physician burnout prevention matrix 300W


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